Blow comes from the combination of passion and dedication to the world of hair, with an innovative concept that spans from concept to interior locations. The salon was founded in April 2010 as the first space with zero impact in Bassano del Grappa in the heart of what it housed a popular bar in the 80’s careful choice of furnishing details of vintage style blends in with a thrilling sounds sought ‘ creative atmosphere and relaxing. The eco-friendly philosophy, the products with zero impact to furnishings with pieces of modern evokes a familiar environment. Wellness services like massage energizing, purifying and sebum regulators contribute to enrich this atmosphere giving a pleasant moment of inner well-being without sacrificing the specific treatment of the hair. Technology and nature combine to create treatments with healing oils from plants such as Scots pine, rosemary, burdock, cinnamon, mallow and peppermint. Cut and color are always studied and evaluated with advice to every customer to find the right style. The Mission of Blow is to communicate the passion and innovation in the hair to make it special and unique each client working closely with the world of fashion and the continuous search for new products and concepts fashion to give the customer a more innovative, personalized and competent .



The salon┬átakes inspiration from the home in order to give the customer the warmth and comfort of a home . The furniture is the result of research in the world of modern art , industrial furniture with clean lines and minimalist ’50s and’ 60s . International environment with a focus on music, art magazines and independent fashion , in a relaxed atmosphere while sipping herbal tea and coffee with the ability to connect to internet . The products find space in a library from home typical of the ’60s ; the color region is experienced in view of where the customer can participate in the creation of the various mixtures of natural colors in jars of jams in front of a belief 50s . Console created by radio retro furniture , wallpaper typical of the period , barber chairs ‘ 50s to experience emotional and unique blend old school with the avant-garde techniques of hairdressing .

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Alex Filippin is the art director of the brand . He began his career as a hairdresser in the 80s when a mixture of passion and curiosity drives him to cross national borders . He embarks on a new path in the world of ‘ hairstyling influenced by fashion , art and music . It is formed in one of the most prestigious academies in London , where he received an education with a strong stylistic imprint that will determine his personal style and enrich his professional background . His route takes in a variety of work experiences as collaborations with industry , photo shoots and commercials for various international magazines .

Art director Blow Parrucchieri

After a long research, taking inspiration from the vintage 50s / 60s, Alex Filippin creates BLOW: a stylistic actually pointing to reception and comfort, service quality and freshness of ideas.How hairstylist offers innovation with a keen eye for trends, but also to a contemporary and classic made of tailoring that enhance a refined simplicity.In the work of every day is recommended that each customer how to find their own style: the first step is to understand what are its needs, suggest a new image suited to his way of being, its tastes and its unique features.In 2009 conquers the task as coordinator stylist for the BEST CLUB WELLA group for the Triveneto. Advanced Cutting teaches, motivates and leads a group of 50 hairdressers of their salon owners.In 2012 after three years of close collaboration with the Toni & Guy academy in Milan he was assigned the task of supporters to training.
In 2016 officially he joined the design team trainers Toni & Guy Italy.



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via Brocchi,40
36061 Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza (IT)
TEL.: +39 0424 52 66 02


Tuesday...........09:00 - 18:00
Wednesday.........09:00 - 18:30
Thursday..........12:00 - 20:00
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